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It is difficult and often highly dangerous to hang a label on music. Labels can close doors to some of the most exciting talents, and close ears to artist whose fresh vitality demands to be heard. Mother's Finest is a powerful band, but they are not typical.

The group has created a sound they describe as a fusion of Funk, Rock, Gospel, R&B Metal and Jazz, taken directly from the street to the stage to the studio, that is Afro-Euro Mosaic Soulful and Electric, transcending musical division, and negative stereotyping.

Back in the day, this kind of fusion music was rare to say the least, but the versatility and originality of Mother's Finest, brought down many barriers.

MOTHERS FINEST is Joyce Kennedy, Glenn Murdock, lead vocals, Jerry "Wyzard" Seay, Bass, Gary "Mo" Moore, lead guitar, John Hayes, lead guitar, Dion Murdock, drummer.

Known internationally, they are incomparable and unique in their ability to bring it to you in concert. And now after several year's quiet, they're still one of the best LIVE bands on the planet.

In today's world of Multiplicity, and Ethnic diversity, there is a ONENESS in people and music that's always been in the sound of Mother's Finest. If you can't remember the name, remember the initials. MF

John Hayes developed as a musician and songwriter through a period  that
defined the place of guitar in music.The Rock and Roll era."As a child I
remember hearing Chuck Berry,Little Richard and Elvis on the radio while
my parents were driving.Later  guitar was the main instrument in  rock
music with stars such as Jimi Hendrix  ,Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana being
my main influences at the time."
 The first professional bands John played with were 50"s stars like The
Coasters and The Marvelettes...(more coming soon)
Wyzard's career began in Miami at the tender age of 13, when he embarked on his fist major tour with Jackie Wilson. Today, he is best known as the bass player for Mother's Finest, the world's first multicultural funk rock band, from Atlanta, Georgia.
  They toured the planet not only solo but also with acts like The Who, Aerosmith, Earth, Wind & Fire, AC/DC and Santana. Their “too out-of- the-box for black radio, too black for rock radio," attitude and mind blowing powerful live performances has gained them cult status, especially in Europe.
      (more to come...)
Creativity pours freely from every ounce of James Gary “Moses Mo” Moore. Whether he’s igniting scorching hot riffs from his appropriately red guitar with Mother’s Finest, working in the studio producing his own unique brand of rock or sharing the international stage with his fellow musicians from “Carl Carlton and the Songdogs”,  Mo (as he is affectionately known by both friends and fans) quite simply creates...(more coming soon)

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